Most Recent Table 1 of the Oil Market Report in Excel Format

Quarterly World Balance (a compilation pdf of all the charts shown below)

OECD North America Oil Demand
OECD Europe Oil Demand
OECD Pacific Oil Demand
Total OECD Oil Demand
FSU Oil Demand
Non-OECD Europe Oil Demand
China Oil Demand
Non-OECD Other Asia Oil Demand
Latin America Oil Demand
Middle East Oil Demand
Africa Oil Demand
Total Non-OECD Demand
World Oil Demand
OECD North America Oil Supply
OECD Europe Oil Supply
OECD Pacific Oil Supply
Total OECD Oil Supply
FSU Oil Supply
Non-OECD Europe Oil Supply
China Oil Supply
Non-OECD Other Asia Oil Supply
Latin America Oil Supply
Non-OPEC Middle East Oil Supply
Africa Oil Supply
Total Non-OECD Oil Supply
Processing Gains
Total Non-OPEC Oil Supply
OPEC Crude Supply
OPEC NGLs Supply
Total OPEC Oil Supply
World Oil Supply
Change in OECD Industry Stocks
Change in OECD Government & Industry Stocks
Change in Floating Storage & Oil in Transit
Miscellaneous to Balance
Total Stock Change & Misc. to Balance