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Data Sources General
Approach to Projecting Oil Supply and Demand General
Schedule for Development of the Oil Market Report General
Rounding General
Comparisons with Previous Time Periods General
Adjustments to MOS and Non-OECD Data Demand
Preliminary OECD Data Demand
Procedures for Projecting Demand Demand
Apparent Demand Demand
Consumption Demand
Cooling Degree-Days Demand
Deliveries Demand
Demand Demand
Dieselisation Demand
Economic Growth Demand
Heating Degree-Days Demand
MOS Demand
Working Days Demand
API Gravity Supply
Associated Gas Supply
Biofuels Supply
Bitumens Supply
Condensates Supply
Conventional Oil Supplies Supply
Crude Oil Supply
Development Well Supply
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Supply
Flaring Supply
FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Off-loading vessel) Supply
Fracturing Supply
Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Supply
GOM Supply
Horizontal and Directional Drilling Supply
Licence Round Supply
Lower 48 Supply
Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Supply
Offshore-Loaded Supply
OPEC Supply
Orimulsion Supply
Processing Gain Supply
Reserves Supply
Satellite Field Supply
Secondary Recovery Supply
Shale Oil Supply
Sidetracking Supply
Specific Gravity (SG) Supply
Spudding Supply
Subsea Template Supply
Sweet/Sour Crude Supply
Synthetic Crudes Supply
Tanker-Tracking Data Supply
Tar Sands Supply
Tertiary Recovery Supply
Upstream Supply
Wildcat Well Supply
Workover Supply
Definition of Supply Supply
OPEC Crude Production Supply
Procedures for Projecting Supply Supply
AOS Supply
Decline Rate Supply
Why Trade? Trade
The Data and Their Limitations Trade
Use and Analysis of the Data Trade
Aframax Trade and Freight
Arbitrage Trade and Freight
Backhaul Trade and Freight
Ballast Trade and Freight
Barges Trade and Freight
Bunkers Trade and Freight
Charter Rate (or Freight Rate) Trade and Freight
Clean Cargoes Trade and Freight
Crude Imports Trade and Freight
Deadweight Tons (DWT) Trade and Freight
Demand ‘Pull’ Trade and Freight
Dirty Cargoes Trade and Freight
Draft Trade and Freight
Flag Trade and Freight
Freight Rate Trade and Freight
Handymax Trade and Freight
Imports Trade and Freight
Lightering Trade and Freight
Northwest Europe Trade and Freight
Oil in Transit (or Oil on Water) Trade and Freight
Orderbook Trade and Freight
Panamax Trade and Freight
Price-Setting Market Trade and Freight
Structural Supply Trade and Freight
Suezmax Trade and Freight
Supply ‘Push’ Trade and Freight
Tankers Trade and Freight
Tanker Fundamentals Trade and Freight
Tariff Trade and Freight
Tonne-Miles Trade and Freight
Transhipment Trade and Freight
Vessel Size Categories Trade and Freight
VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) Trade and Freight
Worldscale Trade and Freight
Charter Trade and Freight
Crude Oil in Terms of Days of Forward Refinery Throughputs Stocks
Days of Forward Demand Stocks
Days of IEA Net Imports Stocks
Floating Storage/Oil in Transit Stocks
Government-Controlled Stocks Stocks
Industry Stocks Stocks
Primary Stocks Stocks
Secondary Stocks Stocks
Stock Change Stocks
Tertiary Stocks Stocks
What is Counted and How Stocks
Independent Storage Stocks
Discretionary stocks Stocks
Minimum Operating Levels Stocks
Miscellaneous to Balance Stocks
API Prices
ARA Prices
Backwardation Prices
Basis Prices
Basis Risk Prices
Bearish and Bullish Prices
Cash Market Prices
Cash Price Prices
Cash Settlement Prices
CFD (Contract for Differences) Prices
CFTC Prices
CIF Prices
Closing Price Prices
Commercial Prices
Contango Prices
Covering Prices
Crack/Crack Spread Prices
Delivery Month Prices
Delivery Points Prices
End-User Prices Prices
Expiry Date Prices
Expiry Month Prices
First Month/Front Month Prices
FOB (Free-on-Board) Prices
Fundamentals Prices
Funds Prices
Futures Contract Prices
Futures Transaction Prices
Hedge Prices
ICE Prices
Liquidity Prices
Long Hedge Prices
Long Position Prices
Market Trend Prices
Net Position Prices
Non-Commercials Prices
Non-Reporting Prices
NYMEX Prices
Open Interest Prices
Option Prices
Physical Delivery Prices
Price Spread Prices
Short Hedge Prices
Short Position Prices
Squeeze Prices
SIMEX Prices
Spot Prices
Spot Month Prices
Swaps Prices
Technical Analysis Prices
Technicals Prices
Trading Volume Prices
Additive Refining
Alkylation Refining
Antiknock Refining
Catalytic Cracking Refining
Cetane Number Refining
Coking Refining
Conversion/Upgrading Refining
Cracking Refining
Distillation Atmospheric Crude Oil Distillation Refining
Downstream Refining
Gross Input to Atmospheric Crude Oil Distillation Units Refining
Hydrocracking Refining
Hydrotreating Refining
Isomerisation Refining
Netback (to point of origin) Refining
Octane Number Refining
Operating Capacity Refining
Refinery Refining
Refinery Yield Refining
Refining Margin Refining
Reforming Refining
Residue Refining
Spare (Idle) Capacity Refining
Straight-Run Refining
Thermal Cracking Refining
Treating Refining
Utilisation Rate Refining
Vacuum Distillation Refining
Viscosity Refining
Volatility/Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) Refining
Visbreaking Refining
Gross Product Worth Refining
Net Product Worth Refining
Processing Gain Refining
IEA Refining Margins Refining
Australia OECD
Denmark OECD
France OECD
International Energy Agency (IEA) OECD
Italy OECD
The Netherlands OECD
Portugal OECD
Spain OECD
Switzerland OECD
China Non-OECD
Former Soviet Union (FSU) Non-OECD
Non-OECD Europe Non-OECD
Other Asia Non-OECD
Latin America Non-OECD
Middle East Non-OECD
Biodiesel Individual Products
Biogasoline Individual Products
Ethanol Individual Products
Gasoil Individual Products
HSFO Individual Products
Jet Fuel Individual Products
Leaded Motor Gasoline Individual Products
Liquified Petroleum Gases (LPG) Individual Products
LSD Individual Products
LSFO Individual Products
LSWR Individual Products
Motor Gasoline Individual Products
MTBE (Methyl tertiary butyl ether) Individual Products
Naphtha Individual Products
Other Kerosene Individual Products
RBOB Individual Products
Residual Fuel Oil Individual Products
RFG Individual Products
ULSD Individual Products
Unleaded Motor Gasoline Individual Products
Aromatics Individual Products
Aviation Gasoline Individual Products
Bitumen Individual Products
Lubricants Individual Products
Naphtha- Type Jet Fuel Individual Products
Olefins Individual Products
Paraffin Waxes Individual Products
Petroleum Coke Individual Products
Refinery Gas/Still Gas (not liquefied) Individual Products
Sulphur Individual Products
Synthetic Fuels Individual Products
Tar Individual Products
White Spirit and Industrial Spirit (SBP) Individual Products
Biofuels Individual Products
Crude Oil Individual Products
Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Individual Products
Orimulsion Individual Products
Units and Conversion Factors Units
Biofuels Biofuels
Biodiesel Biofuels
Biogasoline Biofuels
Ethanol Biofuels
RBOB Biofuels
Blend wall Biofuels
Crush Spread Biofuels
E85 Biofuels
Feedstock Biofuels
First-generation biofuels Biofuels
Second-generation biofuels Biofuels
Procedures for Projecting Biofuels Supply Biofuels